Access senior, commercially-minded lawyers with business experience and technology at a flat monthly rate or on a fixed quote.

What does this clause mean?
Do I need legal advice?
What’s my downside risk?
How do I negotiate this contract?
Who do I call / trust?
How do I avoid cost blow-outs?

If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, or simply want to free yourself up to make better use of your time, Flie could be the cost-effective solution you've been looking for.

The Once-Off

Fixed Price Quotes

  1. Standard Contract Templates
  2. Customised Contract Reviews
  3. Commercial Outcome-Driven Negotiations


The In-house Counsel

From $500 per month

  1. On-Demand Legal Consultations
  2. Management of Legal Matters
  3. The Once-Off @ Special Rates

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The Board Member

Custom Quotes

  1. Independent / Non-Executive Director
  2. Corporate Governance & Policies
  3. The In-house Counsel

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What our clients are saying

"The business model is simple, pricing is transparent and engagement is straightforward. flie is solution-focused and all advice we have received has been pragmatic and business-friendly."

Jerry Shea, Chronicle Software, Head Asia Pacific

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