Our mission is to let entrepreneurs and business leaders get on with business, while we provide the legal nous.

If you are a successful business person, and need or want that legal nous to confirm your thoughts, help you make better decisions or to free you up to make better use of your time then Flie may be the solution you have been looking for.

The Business Essentials

$250 per month

  1. set monthly legal consultations
  2. access to contract templates
  3. access to experienced lawyers

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The Once-Off

Fixed Price Quotes per month

  1. request / negotiation of quotes
  2. selection of the lawyer
  3. management of the legal matter

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Legal nous – On Demand

Have you ever thought –

  • what does this clause mean?
  • do i need legal advice or should I just make a call?
  • what’s my downside risk?
  • how do i get the most out of this deal / negotiation / dispute?
  • last time I used a lawyer, I had no idea who to call and it cost me a fortune!

Flie could be the cost effective solution you’ve been looking for

What our clients are saying

"The business model is simple, pricing is transparent and engagement is straightforward. flie is solution-focused and all advice we have received has been pragmatic and business-friendly." Jerry Shea

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