Access senior, commercially-minded lawyers with business experience and technology at a flat monthly rate or on a fixed quote.

Why Flie?

Experienced, commercially minded lawyers

Senior lawyers with commercial or business experience to bring added value to your negotiation.

Contract & Negotiations leaders

Our deep contract expertise means we help make smart decisions when you need advice that you can trust.

Streamlined process

We use technology and a process to focus on the issues that matter to close the deal as quickly as possible.

Flexible solutions

We provide various solutions to suit your needs and budget.



The Once-Off

Fixed Price Quotes

  1. Contract Risk Reports
  2. Streamlined Negotiations
  3. Standard Contract Templates

When you look at commercial contracts do you ever find yourself wondering: What are the key risks for me? What is a reasonable outcome? How do I get there quickly?

If you need to simply understand your key contract risks or want a streamlined contract negotiation with price certainty, enquire now about a Fixed Price Quote.


The Negotiator

From $200 per week

  1. On-Demand Contract Consultations
  2. Customised Package of Risk Reports & Templates
  3. Negotiations @ Special Rates

As you enter more and more contracts you will find they are all different. Some may be straight forward where you have a couple of quick questions. Others may be high risk where you need to know where you stand and what to negotiate.

If you need ongoing contract support with flexibility then, enquire now about having your own “in-house” contract negotiator.

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The In-house Counsel

From $500 per week

  1. The Negotiator
  2. Management of Other Legal Matters
  3. Advisory Board Member

As the leader of a growing business, you make decisions every day that have legal ramifications, from hiring employees to entering into sales contracts to raising capital.

If you would like the peace of mind of your own legal counsel available on-demand, enquire now about our remote ‘In-house’ Counsel option.

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What our clients are saying

"The business model is simple, pricing is transparent and engagement is straightforward. flie is solution-focused and all advice we have received has been pragmatic and business-friendly."

Jerry Shea, Chronicle Software, Head Asia Pacific

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