Access technology backed by contract lawyers with business experience to put better contracts in place.

Why Flie?

Business focused lawyers

Experienced contract lawyers with business experience to bring added value.

Contract & Negotiations leaders

Single-minded focus on improving and streamlining the review and negotiation process.


Technology and a process to focus on the issues that matter to close the deal quickly.

Flexible solutions

Once-off and ongoing solutions to suit your needs and budget.


Integrity first
Always generous.

Standard Contract Templates

From $295 per contract

  1. Standard Templates
  2. Custom Contracts
  3. Additional Legal Support

Contracts clarify the rights and obligations of each party minimising the risks if something does go wrong - eventually it will! Importantly, contracts also add value when you want to exit your business as buyers review your contracts to understand how your business works and what commitments exist.

Our templates include the important terms and conditions you would expect to find in that type of contract. We keep them simple and are drafted on the basis of what we consider is practical, important and fair.

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Contract Risk Reports

From $495 per report

  1. Key Risk Report - Top 5
  2. Full Risk Report
  3. Additional Legal Support

A risk report saves you time and money (and may even save your business!) by highlighting the key risks / issues before you negotiate or enter into the contract. Our philosophy is to review the legal terms and conditions based on what we consider practical, important and fair.

The report is designed for a business audience to provide key business insights with a recommended way forward.

If you want to understand your contractual risks further before you negotiate or enter into a contract, then enquire now.

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The Negotiator

From $395 per month

  1. Access to Templates and Reports
  2. Streamlined Negotiations
  3. On-going Legal Support

As you enter more and more contracts you will find they are all different. Some may be straight forward where you have a couple of quick questions. Others may be more complex or high risk where you need to know where you stand and what to negotiate.

And when you are running your business it makes sense to rely on someone you can trust to run a streamlined negotiation process where you make the key decisions but do not need to spend the time or effort reading every last word!

If you need ongoing contract support with flexibility, then enquire now.

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What our clients are saying

"The business model is simple, pricing is transparent and engagement is straightforward. flie is solution-focused and all advice we have received has been pragmatic and business-friendly."

Jerry Shea, Chronicle Software, Head Asia Pacific

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