Our Vision

Our vision is to help growing businesses maximise their shareholder value, and to enable senior lawyers to do what they do best, on their terms.

Our Story


Throughout his 20+ year career in law and business, Flie Founder and Director, Craig Mullan, has continually seen the following issues:

  • Many businesses don’t have ongoing access to affordable, commercially-minded, practical legal advice; and
  • Many good lawyers continue to look for other opportunities outside the traditional law firm.

He saw that central to these two issues is the fact that for a traditional law firm, the underlying imperative is to increase partner profits. He observed many lawyers would focus on minutiae that has no bearing on a client’s business but which takes time to resolve, increasing costs without a commensurate increase in value. 

To innovate in the legal space, Craig founded Flie – Flie is a legal platform that provides businesses with access to highly experienced, commercially-minded lawyers to help them grow. Available remotely and on-demand through a subscription model, the service not only provides clients with practical advice but also offers convenience and certainty around price.
For lawyers with business acumen, Flie provides the opportunity to enjoy gratifying work when and where they want.

Flie is a legal platform that provides businesses and individuals with access to highly experienced, customer-centric lawyers, and the technology, to help streamline the provision of legal services, initially for the contract review and negotiation process.

Flie’s vision is to be recognised as one of the most innovative law firms doing it differently, but always with the customer front of mind, to provide practical and affordable outcomes for businesses and individuals.

In April 2020, Gary Cooney joined our team to continue with our mission.  Gary’s legal practice adds those typical services you would find in a small suburban law firm – wills, estates, conveyancing, etc.

Gary’s firm is a great fit for Flie – as he shares our vision and values.  To provide honest and affordable legal services with the clients’ interests front of mind.

 Our Values

We aim to be accessible to business owners to unlock the business benefits of ongoing commercially-minded legal advice, and to provide a solution for senior lawyers who love the law and desire flexibility.

Our consultants are honest, transparent and direct, and operate with our clients’ interests front of mind. Our goal is to help our clients build better businesses by being practical and commercial in our advice.

Our name says it all: Fire, Lift, Inspire, Excite!  We don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Growing your own business is exciting and helping others to succeed is just as rewarding. We use our expert legal skills to help our clients get to the next level, and we enjoy ourselves along the way.