Our Mission

Our mission is to streamline the contract negotiation process in line with what clients want and what really matters.  We do this through lawyers with business acumen, technology and a business model which promotes the most efficient outcomes for our clients. 

Our Story

Throughout his 20+ year career in law and business, Flie founder and Managing Director, Craig Mullan, has been involved in many local, national and international commercial negotiations. In almost all instances, every client wants to concentrate on those issues that matter to them and close the deal as quickly as possible. If you streamline your negotiation process, you reduce your costs, improve the relationships between the parties, promote better outcomes over the life of the contract and allow your people to get on with business sooner.

Flie is a legal platform that provides businesses with access to highly experienced, commercially-minded lawyers, and technology and insights, to help streamline the contract review and negotiation process.

Flie’s vision is to be recognised as one of the most innovative law firms always doing it differently to provide practical and affordable outcomes for businesses.

Our Values

We aim to be accessible to all businesses to unlock the benefits of using commercially-minded lawyers and technology to negotiate and finalise contracts. 

Integrity first
Our consultants are honest, transparent and direct, and operate with our clients’ interests front of mind and focus on what matters to them.

Always Generous
Our name says it all: Fire, Lift, Inspire, Excite! We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are excited by helping others succeed and strive to have arrangements where the value equation is always in our client’s favour.