Join Flie and get ready to Fire, Lift, Inspire and Excite!

Flie is currently recruiting great lawyers to join the Flie movement.

Who do we want to talk to?

We are a law firm with a very focused vision.

We want clients to have a better experience with law firms – and we believe the way to do this is by providing customer-focused and practical legal advice to help drive outcomes.

We want lawyers to have a better experience being a lawyer – by working as a lawyer on their own terms.  We believe lawyers become more practical and outcome based if they not only have a deep legal perspective but a broader life perspective – they may have had their own adventures, had a business career or have other unrelated skills or hobbies that bring another dimension or value to the table.

To do that we want lawyers with very specific attributes:

  • you have a very strong legal background;
  • you have a diverse range of other experiences / ventures;
  • you currently have other ventures or hobbies on the go – probably to the extent you can only be a lawyer on a flexible basis; and
  • you are inspired and excited by our vision and story.

How do you enquire?

If you are interested in an initial discussion, please contact us using our Enquiry Form.