We get these questions a lot

  • Increase the value of your business – purchasers / investors want to know you have appropriate commercial arrangements in place, down-side risks have been minimised and good decisions have been made.
  • Improve your decision making – have short sharp discussions / electronic exchanges to confirm you are making the best decision in the circumstances
  • Reduce your down-side risk / uncertainty – contracts that clearly set out key obligations and contain any major risks are imperative to a sustainable and profitable business
  • Spend more time on growing your business – get the right people to help you at the right time and you will minimise the time and effort needed to review contracts, negotiate outcomes, etc.
  • Avoid legal cost blow-outs – know what your legal costs will be each month under our subscription model
Yes – you can sleep at night knowing we are a law firm governed by the Legal Profession Uniform Law (Victoria). You will receive a Disclosure Statement and Cost Agreement before we provide any legal services. The difference is that we provide our legal services under a subscription service where we provide direct and practical guidance to help you make quick and informed commercial and business decisions. Our plans provide access to an agreed number of 30 minute consultations for each separate legal issue that arises – which may include a telephone consultation, an electronic chat or a document / contract review. Plans vary according to the agreed number of consultations available each month.
Our standard services are tailored to ensure our prices are as low as possible so our services are accessible to all businesses. Therefore, typically our services are provided over the phone or electronically at scheduled time-slots. If on-site services are required we can tailor a custom plan to suit.
No problems – our service is unique in that we will help decide if further legal work is necessary. If we agree further legal work will be beneficial to the outcome you are looking for then we will select a suitable lawyer experienced in the area required, organise the scope of work, obtain quotes and manage the legal matter on your behalf. This is all at no additional cost to you* *Referral fees may apply and will be paid by the lawyer acting and will be disclosed at the time of the quote.
Our agreements are payable monthly in arrears – let us know what you need and we can discuss the most suitable plan to accommodate changing business circumstances.
Don’t worry – we are very open and pragmatic. If it’s not working for either of us, then we will work together to determine the best way forward to provide the solution you are looking for. You can end our services at any time and our services will terminate at the end of the month. You will only need to pay for the services rendered.
We are glad you asked – values are important to us. It’s our mission to provide very direct, helpful and pragmatic legal guidance and documentation. We love business and helping businesses succeed. And most importantly we are open and direct. If we think further legal advice will get the outcome you are looking for, then we will let you know – and if we don’t, we will let you know that too! Our goal is a long-term relationship, not short term legal fees. And why not do things differently and have a bit of fun along the way…
Flie is an acronym for Fly, Lift, Inspire, Excite. We wanted to be in business to help businesses to get excited and take flight - while we take on some of the legal tasks - which are important but generally less exciting and a little distracting...